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real estate offer Any business that is involved in real estate likely has a state trade association (at least in the larger states).  In California, for example, there are a number of Realtor® associations, apartment associations, building owners and managers associations, associations of mortgage brokers, real estate inspection associations, and real estate appraisal associations — to name a few.

The purpose of the state real estate associations is to serve their membership in developing and promoting programs and services that will enhance the members' freedom and ability to conduct their businesses successfully with integrity and competency, and through collective action, to promote the preservation of real property rights.

By far the largest real estate association in most states is each state's Association of Realtors®, a state-level version of the National Association of Realtors®.  These state associations offer similar benefits to the NAR as well as a chance for Realtors® to network with other Realtors® in their area.

Common benefits offered by the state associations include:

  • Real estate political action committees offer financial support to state and local officials who support Realtors®' goals.
  • Legislative advocacy works to extend policies at the state and local levels that will benefit real estate professionals.
  • Professional development and educational opportunities allow Realtors® to pursue ongoing education, learn about new laws, and engage in other business development activities.
  • Legal services help Realtors® understand the basic legal principles of real estate law.  Many associations also have legal funds to help their members in litigation.
  • State real estate associations bring Realtors® together to share information through newsletters, conferences, and websites.
  • Just as the national association does, many state real estate associations engage public awareness campaigns to inform people about Realtors® and their work.
  • Members of state real estate associations are often eligible for discounts on a wide variety of business products and services.
  • The state associations often provide industry research and targeted market data to their members, which allows those Realtors® to better serve their clients.

Listed below are names, phone numbers, and convenient links to each state Realtor® Association in the United States.

State Real Estate Associations

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State Real Estate Associations

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